Neurocog: A standardized, automated neurocognitive battery of tests that can be performed using a tablet-based device.

Aqueduct Media.jpg

Aqueduct Media: A platform to help students learn medical terminology through exercises, assessments, and tutorials emphasizing experimental learning.

IPS Logo.png

Intelligent Parking Solutions: A data-driven app to streamline parking for healthcare organizations and improve patient care/experience.


NovoClade: Genetically engineered Mosquito eggs to remove disease carrying Mosquitos from the population thru breeding without environmental harm.


AFN- Adjustable Fracture Nail: A novel orthopedic device to ensure fractures can be repaired without introducing rotation in the bone fusion.


UVCanopy: A large reflective tunnel of UV light to sterilize large objects and pieces of equipment.


VizOrient: A wearable technology solution that helps the visually impaired navigate spaces more independently.

Cookable Kitchen

Cookable Kitchen: A web and App based software platform to help those with cognitive disabilities continue to live, and specifically to cook independently.


IMnovation: An MRI coil that can more tightly and accurately encompass the head of patients for higher sensitivity brain scans in neurology.


Malleus: A smartphone linked hearing aid that makes use of AI learning and real-time feedback to improve user experience and outcomes.


Nanodropper: A universal eye-drop adapter that ensures administration of the correct therapeutic dose reducing waste and cost.


Phraze: An AI clinical scribe capable of recording important data throughout the clinical workflow from patient waiting room to clinician-patient interaction.


Medibotics: Electronic eyeglasses with electrodes and other equipment to help detect, predict, and manage epileptic seizures.

QT Grid Logo.jpg

The QT Grid: A less invasive and more accurate means of sourcing epileptic seizures than traditional crown-based surgeries saving medical costs and inaccurate diagnoses.


Morari Medical: A transdermal neuromodulation device to prevent premature ejaculation.

Easy Living Solutions.jpg

Easy Living Solutions: Grip Assist, a universal, compact assistive device for those with muscle and nerve difficulties in their hands and wrists.

Tear Restore.jpg

Tear Restore: A reusable, non-invasive, chemical thermal pack dry eye treatment apparatus that targets the actual cause of dry eye syndrome.

Anatomi Logo.png

Anatomi Corp: A scalable system for production of specific human neurons from induce pluripotent stem cells within 7 days for rapid, high throughput drug discovery.


Thaddeus: A smart medical cooler to ensure clinical samples stay within appropriate temperature ranges.

Clinician Nexus.png

ClinicianNexus: A platform that tracks clinicians’ education requirements, experience, and progress from their first day in the clinic through retirement to streamline healthcare workforces


OmniTier: A computing architecture facilitated by hardware acceleration designed to tackle the big data bottlenecks present in life science informatics that are inaccessible to normal cloud-based approaches.

Integrative Re-Sources.jpg

Integrative Re-Sources: An educational approach to integrating employee wellness directly into teams and workplace culture rather than providing it as a separate service.


Vitals Aware Services: An app to provide important information to first responders about the individuals they are helping.

Ambient Clinical Analyitics.jpg

Ambient Clinical Analytics: A system to aid in clinical decision making by providing a “smart-view” of EMR data to reduce information overload at the point of care.