Previous Competitions


Previous Competitions

If you missed our past competitions or want to learn more, you can find here all of the previous competitors in Walleye Tank.

Spring 2018 Competitors

Spring 2018 Competitors


Aelios Technology:  Healthcare devices that can cope with power blackouts

ReGlymph Logo.jpg

ReGlymph: Stimulating the glymphatic system to remove waste from the brain


Brilliance: Increasing oxygen flow to the brain to speed recovery


KZaiken Enterprises: Making shared decision making between physicians and patients easier

BetterYou Logo.jpg

BetterYou Health and Fitness: Tackling health issues on a societal level to create systemic change

Prescix logo.jpg

Prescix Medical: Keeping endoscopes clean and safe for use


Nipple By Number: Using 3D tattoos to replace nipples lost in surgery

phluffy logo.jpg

Phluffy Pharmaceuticals: Living therapy to cure cancer in our canine companions

Kobara Medical Logo with Company Name.png

Kobara Medical: A cardiac lead to treat heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias


Solver Company: Automatic tracking of urinary leakage to monitor therapeutic progress

POP Box Top.jpg

Post-Op Provisions:  Customized care packages for out-patient recovery


LipiQuester: A nutraceutical to stop dietary fat absorption without side effects


CranioVation: Photodynamic therapy to treat brain tumors without disrupting brain function


Dose Health: An update from an alum company continuing their mission to simplify and smarten the pillbox

Winter 2017 Presenters

Winter 2017 Presenters

The Junior Anglers

Nominal Impedance Logo.jpg

Nominal Impedance: portable, low-cost method to detect early soft tissue calcification.


Brazen Diagnostics: a new way to diagnose brain trauma.


Electronic Intrathecal Guidance

Electronic Intrathecal Guidance: guiding surgeons through lumbar punctures.

the midlevel Reelers

Soundly: an app to cure snoring through vocal training.


Concepts By Harshman: updating the surgical retractor to make it more ergonomic and effective.


Thorx: filling the technological gap between traditional chest tubes and surgery.

The Professionals


Liver Cell Therapies: a bioartificial liver to extend and improve life of liver patients.


Marvel Medtech: MRI guided cryotherapy for breast cancer.


Thrivors: a mind and body guided approach to help cancer survivors thrive.

MindTech: an effective affordable microscope targeted at the education sector.


Superior Medical Editing: medical grant writing made easy.


GoAudio: a member of the Junior Angler division from the inaugural Walleye Tank returns to share the progress they have made. 

The Bait shops

Spring 2017 Presenters

Spring 2017 Presenters


Junior Anglers

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Winter 2016 Presenters

Winter 2016 Presenters



Junior anglers

Bait shops

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Junior Anglers


Bait Shops