The Junior Anglers

Nominal Impedance Logo.jpg

Nominal Impedance: portable, low-cost method to detect early soft tissue calcification.


Brazen Diagnostics: a new way to diagnose brain trauma.


Electronic Intrathecal Guidance

Electronic Intrathecal Guidance: guiding surgeons through lumbar punctures.

the midlevel Reelers

Soundly: an app to cure snoring through vocal training.


Concepts By Harshman: updating the surgical retractor to make it more ergonomic and effective.


Thorx: filling the technological gap between traditional chest tubes and surgery.

The Professionals


Liver Cell Therapies: a bioartificial liver to extend and improve life of liver patients.


Marvel Medtech: MRI guided cryotherapy for breast cancer.


Thrivors: a mind and body guided approach to help cancer survivors thrive.

MindTech: an effective affordable microscope targeted at the education sector.


Superior Medical Editing: medical grant writing made easy.


GoAudio: a member of the Junior Angler division from the inaugural Walleye Tank returns to share the progress they have made. 

The Bait shops