NEXT Walleye Tank: Rochester,MN December 7,2018


Click to see all of our Spring Fishing Opener competitors!


NEXT Walleye Tank: Rochester,MN December 7,2018


Click to see all of our Spring Fishing Opener competitors!

Walleye Tank

Walleye tank is the place to catch the bleeding edge of life science innovation in and around Minnesota. Entrepreneurs and investors come together for a business pitch competition aimed at companies in all stages of development. There are two different pitch categories at Walleye Tank:

Junior Anglers

Students of entrepreneurialism from all Mayo campuses as well of the University of Minnesota come fresh from dedicated courses designed to help them turn their ideas into viable businesses.


Representatives of incorporated companies from early stage development to established businesses have a chance to show investors the progress they have made and where they intend to go in the future.

The Walleyes

All of these events are overseen by a panel of judges assembled from experienced entrepreneurs and investors from the local area. The judges have a chance to question and advise the entrepreneurs after each pitch as well as forge connections with promising companies. Meet the Walleyes!


Meet the Companies

Meet the Companies


Aelios Technology:  Healthcare devices that can cope with power blackouts

ReGlymph Logo.jpg

ReGlymph: Stimulating the glymphatic system to remove waste from the brain


Brilliance: Increasing oxygen flow to the brain to speed recovery


KZaiken Enterprises: Making shared decision making between physicians and patients easier

BetterYou Logo.jpg

BetterYou Health and Fitness: Tackling health issues on a societal level to create systemic change

Prescix logo.jpg

Prescix Medical: Keeping endoscopes clean and safe for use


Nipple By Number: Using 3D tattoos to replace nipples lost in surgery

phluffy logo.jpg

Phluffy Pharmaceuticals: Living therapy to cure cancer in our canine companions

Kobara Medical Logo with Company Name.png

Kobara Medical: A cardiac lead to treat heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias


Solver Company: Automatic tracking of urinary leakage to monitor therapeutic progress

POP Box Top.jpg

Post-Op Provisions:  Customized care packages for out-patient recovery


LipiQuester: A nutraceutical to stop dietary fat absorption without side effects


CranioVation: Photodynamic therapy to treat brain tumors without disrupting brain function


Dose Health: An update from an alum company continuing their mission to simplify and smarten the pillbox